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I was skeptical when it comes to this at first time i that why do we need need such thing (Google Virtual Tour), so after the first try last year we started, we start to see that customers come back to us is that ‘oh i saw it from your Google’ and the virtual tour… naturally help us to explain to the customers, so definitely something I think it’s easier for us to expose our brand to customers that how do we look. …by looking at that they feel like our shop is very safe, they have ample space and then they don’t feel bad with the environment that we have, very convenient for us to let the customer know or even the customer don’t ask us, but at least they know that how does the shop looks like… I think as a business owner or business person during this pandemic, people are most likely going online to look at your store, so it’s a brand exposure for yourself and for the people to know more, also letting people know about how the shop environment, the ambiances looks like. If you trying to grow a business, i think this is some method would definitely to help you to grow your business, it really worth a try! -- Mr Lim, Offline Sales Lead of Trapo Malaysia
One of the challenges that we are facing is that it’s difficult for new residents who just moved into this area to know about us. I think GVT (Google Virtual Tour) will help (solve this problem)... This (GVT) is very new for me, so I want to try it… Because it is very new, so if we do it, it differentiate us from competitors. I believe that GVT will help me attract new customers. Compared with other competitors, the customers can know us better if they see our environment... I will recommend you guys, because you guys provide me with a lot of knowledge about Google, how to optimize our business in this part... Because as a business person, we must be stronger, faster and improve more effectively than others, otherwise we will lose in this market. -- Mr Yap, Manager of WSS Car Service
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I've never heard of GVT when Sean first introduced it and was skeptical. But right after I've started on GVT, my salon now pulls in record breaking sales.. Sales that I've never seen before in the 30 years of running this business!
Evon Hair Logo - 360 view media
Mrs Lee
Director of Hair Salon
I didn't know there was such a service that could help businesses gain 8.3k passive impressions within 4 months! Compared with paid Ads, it's definitely worth the set-up because it's one-time payment, yet the gain goes into perpetuity!
Douglas Lee
Director of Nexus Lab

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Sean Pern

Innovator, and believer these are the words that perfectly describe Sean, the director of 360View Media. Sean started work in Master Concept where he studied Google’s operation and became a Google Street View Trusted Pro in 2016. GSV Trusted Pros are individuals who studied the fundamentals of taking photos best suited for Google Street View. To have your business captured by a Trusted Pro means that you can be rest assured that your business has been best represented on Google Maps and is optimized to Google’s Quality Compliance.  

After accumulating more than 100 Google Virtual Tours in Taiwan, it was clear to Sean that Google Virtual Tour is an opportunity for brick and mortar businesses to put themself on the map, capture new customers and as of right now, is in the same infancy phase when SEO was first introduced to the market. It’s the low to even almost no competition, unfair advantage the businesses back home needs.  Sean knew that Malaysian businesses could also benefit from Google Virtual Tours the way Taiwanese businesses did. With this, in 2017 Sean started 360View Media and made it his goal to have everyone in the world see the beauty of Malaysia through Google.

Sean Pern - 360 View Media
Thomas Yap - 360 View Media

Thomas Yap

Communication – This is Thomas’ core belief that would connect him and his clients in the best way possible. He believes that communication is the key to building relationships and this is what helped him on his journey. He worked as a videographer for more than a year in Malaysia after completing school. Despite this being a stable job, he felt that he needed to find something else something he could be passionate about. 

After listening to Sean’s mission to empower local businesses through Google Virtual Tours, Thomas became an advocate. He came onboard as the Business Development Director of 360View Media to spread the mission. He likes the communication between every client and always helps clients to look for the best solution for their business. Client’s satisfaction is always what Thomas cares about, because this is how Thomas gets fulfilled.

Grace Pern

As the business consultant, Grace strategically advises and guides the company’s growth. Under her belt, Grace launched multiple business ventures and notably grew a media company from scratch to a team of 15 members strong. Grace is continuously improving her craft through rigorous self-study programs she has undertaken such as Sales Process by Nick Kozmin, 100 Tasks by Martin Bell, and Peak Performance Formula by Ron Friedman to name a few. Grace brings her expertise of creating systems, reporting structures and SEO to 360View Media so that together with Sean and Thomas, the company would serve their clients while upholding high standards for performance.

Google Street View Trusted - 360 view media
Google Business View - 360 view media
Grace Pern - 360 View Media

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