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Best Guidance of 360 Google Virtual Tour (2021)

If you are always curious about 360 Virtual Tour, wonder about how it will benefit you, you are on the right track! In this article, you will get to know more about Virtual Tour, how to benefit from it and be able to apply it for your businesses!

Establishing an online presence is now a vital factor in growing businesses. The way one presents and showcases their edge against competition plays a big role in the decision making of a possible customer. Having an online presence doesn’t just mean having a website and posting about your products and services, it’s about maintaining the flow of interaction with content that engages your audience which will lead to conversions. Coming up with content that will attract, inform and show off your business’s eccentricity can be quite challenging. Luckily, for those that want to highlight their physical establishment’s interiors or facilities in an immersive, dynamic and interactive way, 360 Virtual Tour caters to that, get more exposure, potentially increase your website ranking on Google and could offer even more to solve the challenges that you are facing.

What is Google Virtual Tour?


It is a three dimensional (3D) model of an existing location, generated from capturing high quality still images. It aims to give an audience the idea, ambience and realistic visual experience of a place. Since it is a simulated environment the audience can navigate through the location as they please while simultaneously exploring and gaining familiarity to the site. This tool can provide a seamlessly engaging tour of the interior.

How does it work?

Google 360 virtual tour is generated through a series of high quality videos and still images. Using an unbroken sequence of photos photographed or from a video footage which is captured by a Street View Trusted professional, a panoramic or virtual tour is established. It is a virtual walking tour so it helps give the audience a more hands-on feel. The more images included in the tour, the more realistic it is perceived.

Benefits of 360 Virtual Tour

There are a number of benefits and countless possibilities on using 360 Virtual Tour. Let’s start off with the advantages it can offer to enhance user or customer experience.

  1. Enhances accessibility for your customer
    When a person is on the go and has no time to schedule a visit, having a 360 Virtual Tour comes in handy. It helps clients find you and visit your digitized physical location whenever and wherever they can, thus saving time and effort to both parties.
  2. See exactly what they’re getting from it
    As a customer explores the site, they may notice details that couldn’t be captured by just photos or text. As they gain familiarity with the interior, ambience and layout they’ll begin to feel more comfortable. In fact, according to Google Maps – Ipsos MediaCT case study, customers are 29% more likely to make a purchase on listings that have tours and interior photos.

  3. Build credibility for your market 
    According to the same study businesses with a complete listing are 78% more likely to be viewed as well-established. It inspires trust and assurance on the legitimacy of the business. It humanizes a business which creates an affinity to the audience, meaning they’ll feel more comfortable visiting a place they’re more familiar with.

For business owners

Google Virtual Tour User Experience
  1. Increase User Experience
    We all know that interactions and engagement with the audience are very important. Forbes shows how that 82% of consumers do research online before visiting a store. 360 Virtual Tours would be a great way to showcase the uniqueness of a facility. It will help them stay longer and get to know the business better.
  2. Boosts Visibility on Search Engines
    As the respondents’ interaction and engagement increases, the more credit Google gives to the listing. Search Engine Optimization is an essential factor as it helps a target audience find the business, Google gives a boost on a listing that provides relevant, interactive and unique content.
  3. Quality Brand Marketing Content
    Coming up with distinctive and eye-catching promotional content can be quite challenging. What better way than to have an interactive and memorable virtual tour? Sure you have better idea now.
  4. Captivate More Customers
    Photos and tours are found to help listings generate interest twice more likely than those who don’t. Showing off all the angles of a facility tells the customers the effort and planning that was put into it.
What is Google Virtual Tour-1

Who can avail these services?

Any establishment that has a physical location is able to get their own 360 virtual tour.

  1. Residential/Commercial Real Estate
  2. Vacation Rentals
  3. Hotels & Accommodation
  4. Restaurants 
  5. Retail Stores
  6. Event Venues/Organizer 
  7. Cultural Spaces 
  8. Historic Preservation  

What's next?

After getting your own 360 Virtual Tour…
  1. Integrate in Google Maps and Google My Business
    This will surely boost a listing’s rank in search engines’ organic results and increase user engagement.
  2. Embed it on your website
    The user that wants to learn more about the business will have the chance to engage with what the business offers,
  3. Promote it!
    Share ​your ​tour with ​your ​clients/potential market impress and wow the audience with the ease of just a few clicks.
  4. Social Media Friendly 
    Facebook, Youtube, Instagram are just a few channels to promote, inform and encourage future clients to look into the services or products one offers.

In conclusion

360 Virtual Tour offers your own space in the digital world that customers online can have a look at and explore through. The investment won’t fail to bring your customers to your doorstep, confident that your service is among those that fits their needs the most. Furthermore, it truly is a one time pay but a lifetime of gains for both your business and customers as they build loyalty and trust to your product. 

We hope these help you better understand about 360 Virtual Tour! So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t owned your 360 Virtual Tour, do it before your competitors read this. Don’t forget to visit us on our website and Facebook for more tips that you might be interested in!

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