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Why Is Google My Business Absolutely Crucial For Your Business?

A poor marketing strategy, lack of interaction with consumers, and limited calls to action are some of the major reasons why businesses fail. But what if you were told that you can manage different aspects of your business through one amazing online tool? 

Google My Business is one of the most powerful ways to take your business to the next level. It is a free and super convenient tool for business owners to create and manage their presence across the search engine. As business owners, your number one priority will be to attract as many potential customers as possible. By utilizing GMB (Google My Business), you can expand your audience, and ultimately, your sales. All you have to do is create a GMB account, and add your business name, location, hours of operation, and photos and let Google do the rest.

But why is Google My Business so important? Let’s find out. According to a Bright Local study, 64% of consumers used GMB to find contact details of different businesses in 2020. Moreover, of those consumers who visited profiles of various businesses, 54% of the people visited a business website, 20% made a call and 20% asked for directions. Also, 49% of the businesses received more than 1,000 views on search per month.

Beware, bad SEO can ruin your chances of potentially reaching a wider audience. But if done right, GMB guarantees a profitable business. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should have a Google My Business account.

Introduce Yourself

According to Statistica, Google has a market share of over 92% as a search engine, as of February 2021. The platform gets more than 63,000 searches per second. This means if you have a GMB account with a good SEO score, your chances of succeeding are quite high. Suppose someone is looking for ‘hair salons near New York’, they will see your business pop-up on Google if it is relevant and if the SEO is done perfectly. Google my business listing gets priority on the first page of local Google searches and Maps queries, so that’s also a plus point.

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Communicate Actively

‘Consumer is king’ is an age-old mantra that emphasizes the importance of customers for a business. Without a solid consumer-base, a business is bound to fail. Therefore, the most important thing for business owners to do is to communicate regularly with their target audience. This is possible with GMB as it allows business owners to share information with consumers and keep them informed and educated simultaneously.

There are a lot of ways in which you can keep consumers hooked. For example, you can engage with them by responding to their feedback on your Google My Business profile, and enable direct messaging.

Stand Out From The Rest

While attracting consumers is the key to success for a business, staying ahead of the curve is equally as important if not more. If your GMB profile offers comprehensive information about your business and products, chances are that you might get more traction than your competitors.

There are a number of ways that business owners can use to stay one step ahead of their competitors. The most important one is to take your time to write a good description for your GMB profile. Make it as relevant and local as possible, and add all the information about your business. Also, make sure that your contact and address are accurate, and you are available during the working hours that you have mentioned on your GMB profile.

Build Trust With Reviews

A responsive business garners positive reviews, which can really come in handy when potential consumers visit your profile. Think of it this way, you want to purchase a car for yourself but you are confused over which brand provides the best value for your money. The obvious thing you would do is ask someone who’s knowledgeable in cars, or simply pick up your phone and check online reviews. You’ll certainly end up choosing the car brand with better reviews, right? That’s the whole point of Google My Business.

With a GMB profile where customers can leave reviews, it will be easier to convince potential customers that you are a perfect fit for their needs. Check out for more how important is Google Review for business.

Insider Insights & Messaging

With Google My Business, you can easily access customer insights, helping you understand whether your strategies are working or you need to change things. Insights provide you with information about how consumers find your listings on Search and Maps, and what happens after they find it.

Google has also recently introduced a messaging feature that allows business owners to directly communicate with potential consumers who have made their way to the GMB profile through Google search. This feature allows businesses to instantly respond to the queries of their present and potential customers.

FREE Website

Building a website can be exhausting. It can take hours at best, and weeks and even months at worst to set it up, and get everything going. But what if you were told that you could create a website in 5 minutes without much hassle?

Google My Business offers business owners a FREE website, which is as easy to set up as a Gmail account. Once you have created your Google My Business profile, your website will automatically generate information from the profile. However, you can also customize the website with text, images, and design themes of your choice.

It’s The Future

Google is a billion-dollar giant with ever-expanding data and online features for both business owners and consumers, and Google My Business is only a tiny step towards a bright and prosperous future, given that you optimize it perfectly.

According to Fundera, a staggering 1.79 billion people shopped online in 2020. Of course, the numbers are high mainly due to the COVID restrictions, but it still gives us an idea that the landscape has completely changed, and the future is online.

Here’s a recap of all we have learned so far about Google My Business:

  • It helps you introduce your products to their consumers
  • It helps you communicate effectively with consumers
  • Google My Business helps you stay ahead of the curve
  • It helps consumers build trust with your products
  • GMB provides you with insights, which you can use to produce the winning marketing strategy
  • It offers you a FREE website
  • It’s the future of business

We hope these reasons help you understand why GMB is able to benefit your business and improve your site.
So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t set up your Google My Business already, do it before your competitors read this. Don’t forget to visit us on our website and Facebook for more information that you will be interested in!

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