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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google Virtual Tour?

A Google Virtual Tour is a virtual walkthrough of an existing location. It is composed of images captured by a Google Street View Trusted pro or agency who focuses on taking 360° photos. These photos are then combined together to form one virtual walking tour. 

The tour can be viewed on your website and social media platforms. For your own reference, you may see all the information about your virtual tour on Google My Business. It will reflect the performance of your tour: its impressions, clicks, etc. Viewers can now get a better sense of what it’s like inside your place. It’s like they actually visited!

What is the difference between Google Street View and Google Virtual Tour?

Google Street View captures the outside of your space. The main purpose of this is for Google to complete their map – Google Maps. Google will send a car to capture all the things on the public street every 3-5 years, but it will only capture what is on the outside. 

Google Virtual Tour captures the inside of your space. It is an expanded tool from Google that lets visitors walk through your business place as if they are already there! It can also show up on Google Maps when people search for your business or when people search your area.

If customer searches for my business, how will they know that we have a Google Virtual Tour?

By viewing your photos, there’s a category they will find for Google Street View and 360° pictures. These will be the first images people will find when they search for you. The image most viewed will be the first one that shows up on your 360° category.

What is the difference between Virtual Tour, Google Virtual Tour and Tour Guide?

A virtual tour is essentially a 360° walkthrough of an existing location that you can access online. It can simulate the actual experience of going inside a certain space, so much so that you can go through or open doorways, prevent you from passing through walls, go up or down stairs and so on. It is created by taking 360° photos that will show all the areas of your location. The viewer can click through the navigation of the tour to view all the pictures. 

Google Virtual Tour is a service that hosts 360° virtual tours by Google. There are other platforms that host virtual tours such as Matterport, iGuide and VPiX. The difference is that Google Virtual Tours can be accessed through Google Maps and Google My Business. 

Tour Guide is an advanced version of GVT. It has interactive points that the customer can click to access different kinds of information such as introductions, photos, hyperlinks, icons and so on. However, this cannot be published on Google Maps, It can only gain impression while your customers visit the link.

Is Google Virtual Tour necessary for my business? 

If you just started your business, 
If your business space is difficult to find, 
If you are someone who wants to increase your revenue,
If you spent a lot on your spacious interior design, 
If you are someone who wants to increase exposure for your business, 
If you are someone who wants to build your online branding, 
Then Google Virtual Tour is necessary for your business to let the world see your space!

How do I know GVT will help my business/works for me?

There are almost 4 billion Google users worldwide because Google is reliable and provides accurate results. When people are looking for something and they see you on Google, plus you have the advantage of having a virtual tour, you can get customers without even needing active or physical interaction. 

Your listings on Google are also connected to Google My Business. This is a great way to track the performance of your listings. You will see the views, impressions, clicks, and all the other necessary information. Here, you can see how good your listings with Google Virtual Tours are doing– you can even compare your listings with and without GVT, just to see which posts are doing better! Also, We can assure that what has worked for our previous clients will also have the same effect on your business. You can see for yourself in our projects.

How much is the price? How does it count?

The price is based on how many panels you want for your virtual tour. The market price in Malaysia will be RM350 per panel, and from there, we can adjust according to your business needs.

Do your service have any required maintenance or monthly fees? 

There are no other charges for GVT. it’s a one-time payment, yet the gain goes into perpetuity!

Why impression important for me? 

With a Google Virtual Tour, increasing your listings’ impressions is inevitable. Impressions are important because this is what determines how high you rank on Google. More impressions mean higher rankings. More often than not, people will click the links on the first page of Google Search. This way, there are more people that will know about your business and it will build their awareness about your brand. 

Eventually this will lead to strengthening your credibility, especially when customers find out that what they saw online is really the same thing as the actual place. Building awareness is also crucial before investing into paid advertisements. It’s important to educate your potential market first about your products and services, so that when you release your ads, they will already understand the value or benefit you are promoting. GVT can definitely help you in this way!


How much ROI do I get after this service?

Some significant ROI that we get from our data is a project which only posted their GVT for 2 months and gained 2.1k impression. Let’s do the math. Say for example after posting your GVT, only 5% of the total number of impressions take action to visit your business. So, 5% of 2,100 is 105. There are 105 potential buyers at this point. 

With that number in mind, say that the average cost of your product is RM100. If all 105 leads make a purchase, you will earn RM10,500 only for 2 months! Reach out to us so that we can understand and help your business better.


What can I get after this service?

  • High quality production of Google Virtual Tour 
  • GVT link that you can embed on your website and social media platforms
  • Extra assistance for Google My Business, 360° pictures, virtual tours, etc. 
  • Excellent customer service for any assistance or concerns that you might need
  • Most importantly, jumpstart your journey to accumulate your impressions and maximize your exposure

How do I verify my Google My Business Account? How long do I have to wait?  

You can verify through the gmail that you set on your GMB. Google will take 30-90 days to send you a postcard of the verification, follow the step from the postcard then you are able to verify your GMB Account.

How big are the photos? Will they be able to capture specific details in my space?

Every photo we take is at 100% quality using a high-tech DSLR camera at 12576 x 6288 pixels with HDR. With this, we can assure that all the details you want your customer to see are visible and noticeable.



Will my virtual tour still remain if I renovate my store?

If your store has been renovated, the original tour will remain, unless you decide to remove it.

Who are you guys, anyway?

If you are a business owner and you are facing challenges about getting more impressions, then you are on the right track. We are 360View Media, Google Trusted Partner in Malaysia, aiming to help business owners to find a solution for minimal exposure and impressions. In 2017, we began our mission of connecting with more people and helping business owners gain more online exposure. 

Some of the projects we’ve done include Taipei Arena, Taipei Expo Dome, Directorate General of Highways and a lot more. With more than 100 projects in our back pocket, we can ensure the world-class quality of virtual tours that we provide for you. 

Our main goal as a company is to serve people who believe what we believe. We believe that we can help business owners maximize their potential through Google Virtual Tours. 

Our belief in this system is what drives us to promote it to other business owners as well, because we have seen improvements of 30% on the revenue growth per month for one of our various clients. Hence, we strongly believe that GVT benefits even the smallest of businesses. It will showcase everything a business has to offer and it would bring the best out of your company.


What exactly are you guys promising? What evidence do you have to back up these promises and claims?

With GVT, we promise that your business will gain lifetime impressions while also increasing ranking in Google Maps. With just a click, your customers can experience your business firsthand. Having a virtual tour can make your customers spend more time on your listing, which results in more impressions and higher rankings. Your business will rank significantly higher than other competitors that don’t have a virtual tour. 

Besides that, we assure that this is a one-time payment transaction. No other fees!

We also promise that the quality of the Google Virtual Tour we provide for each client is excellent and incomparable to others. You may review our projects, so you can see for yourself!

Why do I want to choose you? What makes you special?

Being Google Trusted Pros doesn’t come ordinarily, and we have the experience of over 100 projects to back it up. Before starting this company, we have observed that businesses have a major issue with exposure and visibility, so we understand the challenges. 

We choose businesses who have the same beliefs with us. We believe that a business’ true potential is not limited to what is physically available. We believe that there are more ways to market businesses other than the traditional methods that we are so used to. And we believe that Google Virtual Tour can help our businesses.


Where did you guys get this idea to offer this solution? 

We found that business owners have a problem with getting customers to find them. With GVT, customers can enter shops by just clicking a link. This way, people can view your shop without actually being there. 

For instance, one of our partners owns a food shop. The decoration and the aesthetic of the shop were designed for photoshoots or Instagram-worthy pictures, but the problem is it is in an area that is not really familiar to a lot of people. 

Even if the shop looks beautiful, people won’t get to see it because of the location. But, with GVT, customers will find the shop online and get to see what it looks like inside without having to step inside. This will attract potential customers to come and find the shop which will eventually result to more sales.

Aside from Google Virtual Tour, what other service do you offer?

We offer our knowledge and expertise about Google, GVT and GMB. We also offer management for your GMB, if needed.

How do I present this to my team?

You can use our website, Youtube, Facebook that we prepare for you, and feel free to reach out to us so we can arrange a call to understand your business better.

How do you proof your partnership with Google?

You can find the listing of Street View Trusted Pro and select Malaysia + Kuala Lumpur
then you can see my name — Sean Pern


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